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TRAMsm: Travel Rebate Aid to Missions

TRAM Now every time you travel, you can help your church's missions program by earning important missions support!

Here's how it works:

  1. Group is enrolled in ToGoAway Travel Network's TRAMsm program and assigned a ministry ID.
  2. Any time you arrange and complete the qualifying form of travel with ToGoAway Travel Network, use your group's TRAM ID.
  3. Every six months, ToGoAway Travel Network will compute the total travel commission* earned by the group represented by the unique TRAM ID and will issue payment for 10% of the profit earned from travel* directly to the mission designated by you.
  4. You don't have to do anything different to earn support for your specific Christian program.
ToGoAway Travel Network guarantees** that your travel expenses will be equal to or less than any other quote, for the qualifying travel. You don't pay more to earn a rebate for your church missions program with the Fare Assistance Program.

You and your missions program can't lose!

For more information or to sign up, contact ToGoAway Travel Network.

* Commissions vary depending on form and type of travel. Cruises, Vacation packages, Hotels, and rental cars qualify for the program. Air line tickets are excluded from the program, because airlines no longer pay commissions Taxes, and miscellaneous expenses are not included in commission rebate. TGATN reserves the right to modify or suspend the program at any time.

** Guarantee applies to applicable forms of travel that rates are obtained from direct quotes from the vendors. TGATN reserves the right to modify or suspend the program at any time. Additional details are available by contacting ToGoAway Travel Network.

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